For Continuing Fellowship

Apex 40 Australia Inc. is not a Service Club, but an organisation formed to foster fellowship among past Apexians and their partners and to retain the many friendships formed during their Apex club years.  It also exists to assist Apex Clubs in Australia when requested.
The Ideals of Apex were to provide a means of forming enduring friendships.
Apex 40 fosters those friendships and encourages them to continue.

Apex 40 Groups are generally based around a local Apex Club, District or Zone.  These Groups are autonomous.  Some meet monthly, others less regularly, but all with a view to maintaining and fostering friendships, and occasionally providing assistance to local Apex Clubs.  Groups often organize get-togethers with one or two other Groups.  Sometimes it is with those in their own neighbourhood, or it might be an outing by one Group passing through the area of another.

Each year members from the various Apex 40 groups gather for a few days (3 to 6) for the Annual Convention known as the “RORT”.  During this time there is a brief interruption to the festivities to conduct the necessary formalities of the Association’s Annual General Meeting.
A Pre or Post Rort gathering is often held over 3 to 4 days covering visits to areas around the RORT location.  This adds to the social activities.

The socialising of individual members with each other, across the whole organisation, never ceases.  When on an interstate or overseas holiday, members invariably look up acquaintances and friends made during the Rorts.  Apex 40 is a social club, and fosters friendships between whole families and encourages “International Relations” with sister groups.

To gain more of an idea of what it is about, have a look at the Roaring 40s newsletter, published throughout the year.  This great newsletter provides information on Apex 40 activities and items of interest from around the Groups.

These people are all friends, meaning that members have many friends dotted all over Australia and the South Pacific, where they are always made welcome.  See further down the page if you are interested in joining.

Apex 40 has sub-committees in Qld, NSW, Vic, Tas, SA and WA.
A number of members are not in areas where there is sub-committee but are still members of Apex 40 and these members are referred to as “Members at Large” or MALs.
Apex 40 has sister groups in many countries around the world; e.g.  Round Tablers, 41ers and other Apex 40 groups.